This blog was created because let’s face it:
we can do better. 🙈

Humans have been suffering unnecessarily for far too long. And while some insist to carry on in that tradition… 😖

We are the founders of a new way. The dreamers, thinkers, and doers who refuse to settle for anything less than the very best.👸

Body, mind, and soul. 💪💭💟

A wellness movement above all wellness movements, encompassing every aspect of the human being. 🙇

Expanding outward, into all corners of society, enveloping each organization and entity within its path. 🏠🏢

We are out to conquer the world, but don’t worry… we mean well.



meChelsea Workman – Creator of Human Resource Wellness
A lifelong poet and writer, Chelsea discovered her passion for health and wellbeing as a young adult coming of age and going vegetarian, among other things. Her travel, work experiences and education in International Management all contributed to her to realize a desire to change the world through inspiring social change, both on an individual level and within society’s most important institutions. She now curates content, oversees contributor posts, and writes regularly for Human Resource Wellness.